We are Detroiters holding on to the hope of seeing our communities flourish again.  We believe that the best way to do that is by bundling together and strategically planning out the resurgence of our communities.  We are real estate experts, construction specialist, painters,  veterans, factory workers, and even just your everyday neighbor wanting to make a difference.

Detroit Bundle, LLC was the sole official bidder of the Detroit Blight Bundle in 2014.  We had a vision of retaining ownership of Detroit homes and rehabbing these properties with the help of the city and our communities.  Ultimately, we were persuaded to return the bid and focus our efforts on District 1 in the hopes of working hand in hand with the city. 

This project was led by none other than well-known Detroiter Herbert J. Strather. The other members were his partners, Echo Solutions, John Paige, and students of Strather Academy, a real estate educational arm of Strather Associates.

Hebert J. Strather and Strather Academy

Mr. Herbert J. Strather is the CEO of Strather Associates and Strather Academy.  Mr. Strather has closed more transactions in Detroit than, perhaps, any other person. His $2B track record includes Motor City Casino, Woodbridge Estates, Hotel St. Regis, thousands of apartment units, and three corners at Grand River/Greenfield. He led the way in establishing the casino industry in Detroit, and chartered 140 Optimist Clubs (a world record) that adopted 90 Detroit schools. Mr. Strather helped create the Summer Leadership Institute at Harvard Divinity School where he lectures on Community Redevelopment: Faith and Finance. He is the national real estate point-person for the Progressive National Baptist Convention. He has taught more than a thousand students. The goal of Strather Academy (www.stratheracademy.com) is to create the next generation of urban developers that will help reinvent Detroit. 

John Page and Eco Solutions, LLC

Mr. Page is the CEO of Eco Solutions.  It is the largest manager of HUD properties in the state of Michigan. Eco Solutions manages over 1,000 HUD homes in Detroit and approximately 2,000 in the State of Michigan. His work includes demolition, clean out, securing and maintaining the homes until they are resold. Mr. Page owns more than a dozen properties in Detroit including  44 units on 7 mile and Berg Rd. that recently won a $2M Home Fund loan and 80 units on Greenfield. He also has 374 units under contract to close and a handful of single family homes in the Detroit community. Most of his Detroit developments and properties are in conjunction with Mr. Strather.  His involvement in the joint venture allows Detroit Bundle to handle everything needed including development, property preservation, capital, demolition and property management. 

Apollo Four, LLC

Apollo Four consists of approximately 24 students and interns, eager to learn the development business. They have paid a modest tuition as an investment in their future, as well as Detroit’s. They have pooled their resources and are investing in Detroit Bundle. However, their main task will be underwriting and learning the business of redevelopment. The idea is to train them so that they will be able to help their assigned community’s redevelopment efforts, and equip them to acquire and renovate properties themselves.

Carmen Strather - Executive Director - The Detroit Bundle Group

Carmen Strather graduated in 2009 from Duke University with a degree in Psychology and aMarkets and Management Certificate.  She successfully opened and operated her own retail business in San Diego, California before deciding to move back to Detroit to help in the mission of bringing Detroit’s communities back.  Since her return, she has worked on making Tower Center into an Entrepreneurial hub and also helped to create engaging real estate programs through Strather Academy to help educate Detroiters on the many real estate opportunities available.