Mission Statement

The mission is to discover what the community wants, find out our collective resources, motivate Detroiters to get involved, educate them as to the process and best practices and, finally, support them with experienced developers. We must prevent speculators from acquiring parcels in developmental areas. We must stop lenders from driving down valuations, and scrappers from ripping us off. We must work together in an alliance and use our diversified strength to move Detroit forward.

What Does Detroit Bundle, LLC Bring to the Table?



The Detroit Bundle wants to redevelop the city together with Detroit’s community based organizations, churches, and major stakeholders.  They are willing to be the trailblazers of this movement and invest their own resources into the cause.



- A Vision with a Workable Plan

- Leadership and Community Commitment

- Expertise on Community Redevelopment

- Community Advocacy

- Community Education 

-Community Service Planning



“We understand that each community is unique and, therefore, should have its own specific redevelopment plan determined by the stakeholders in that community”
— Herbert J. Strather